Supplemental Benefits

Colonial Group Cancer Plan

Colonial Life’s Group Cancer insurance helps employees and their families maintain financial security in the event of a cancer diagnosis. Coverage is available for employees, their spouses and dependent children. Guarantee issue means no health questions are considered when you apply. Benefits are paid directly to you and are paid in addition to any other coverage that you may have in place. Some of the benefits include:

Initial Diagnosis Paid for the first diagnosis of internal (excluding skin cancer) $2,000 $4,000
Cancer Screening/Wellness Benefit (1/calendar year) $50 $100
Radiation/Chemotherapy $150/Day$5000/ Calendar Year Max $300/Day$10,000/ Calendar Year Max
Experimental Treatment ($10,000/Lifetime) $300/Treatment $300/Treatment
Hospital Confinement (First 30 Days) $100/Day $300/Day
Hospital Confinement (After 30 Days) $200/Day $600/Day
Hospital Confinement ICU $200/Day $600/Day
Bone Marrow/Stem Cell $10,000/Lifetime $10,000/Lifetime
Lodging (Up to 70 Days/Year) $50/Day $50/Day
Transportation (Up to 700 Miles/Year) $0.40/Mile $0.40/Mile
Private Full Time Nursing $100/Day $300/Day
Skilled Nursing Care Facility (Up to Hospital Confinement Days) $300/Day $300/Day
Hospice $300/Day $300/Day
Employee Only $5.91 $12.96
Family $9.85 $21.55

Colonial Group Medical Bridge

Colonial Life’s Group Medical Bridge Plan provides you with additional out-of-pocket protection. Even if you have coverage that helps with most of the expenses of medical care, you may still have to pay deductibles, copayments and coinsurance. This plan includes coverage for hospital confinement and offers added financial protection for out-of-pocket costs related to a covered accident or sickness.

There are two hospital benefit plans: Basic and Enhanced. There also is a $150 accident only emergency department visit as part of the policy for those times when you need care but don’t have to stay overnight. All benefits are paid directly to you, unless otherwise specified. Benefits are paid regardless of any other coverage you may have.

BIWEEKLY PREMIUMS Based on Benefit–Basic, or Enhanced–and Coverage Level):

BASIC PLAN$500 BENEFIT Employee Employee + Spouse Employee + Child(ren) Family   ENHANCED PLAN$1,500 BENEFIT Employee Employee + Spouse Employee + Child(ren) Family
 17 – 49 $2.46 $4.47 $4.28 $6.29  17 – 49 $6.87 $12.35 $10.55 $16.03
50 – 59 $3.10 $6.18 $4.92 $8.00 50 – 59 $8.78 $17.49 $11.84 $21.17
60 – 64 $4.24 $8.82 $6.06 $10.64 60 – 64 $12.21 $25.41 $15.89 $29.10
65 + $5.88 $12.18 $7.69 $14.00 65 + $17.11 $35.50 $20.79 $39.18


Colonial Group Accident Plan

Colonial Life’s Group Accident Insurance is an indemnity plan that provides employees and their families with hospital, doctor, accidental death and catastrophic accident benefits in the event of a covered accident. These benefits can help with the out-of-pocket medical and non-medical expenses associated with an accident. These benefits are paid directly to the employee and are paid in addition to any other insurance coverage the employee may have in place.

Coverage is guarantee issue (no health questions) and is available for employee, spouse and dependent children. There are two plans available and they both include a $50 health screening benefit paid once per calendar year per covered person.

Here are some of the benefits that Group Accident provides:

Ambulance $100 $200
Air Ambulance $1,000 $1,500
Emergency Treatment (4/Year Per Covered Person)Includes:Emergency Room, Urgent Treatment Center, or Doctor’s Office $75/Visit $125/Visit
Burns (Reimbursement depends on size and degree) $750 – $9,000 $1,000 – $12,000
Coma $5,000 $10,000
Other Accidents Paid According to Surgical or Non-Surgical and the Treatment Performed
Accident Follow Up Care:
Physician Office Visit (2/Accident) $50/Visit (8/Year Max) $50/Visit (12/Year Max)
Occupational Therapy / Physical Therapy (Up to 10/Year) $15/Day $25/Day
Lodging (Family Member or Companion) $100/Day $150/Day
Transportation (Up to 3/Accident) $400 $500
Employee Only $5.66 $8.09
Employee + Spouse $9.18 $13.22
Employee + Child(ren) $9.52 $14.38
Family $13.04 $19.51

Cincinnati Life Voluntary Life Insurance

Voluntary Whole Life and/or Term Life Insurance

Cincinnati Life provides individually owned (life insurance you take with you when you leave employment) payroll deducted life insurance for employees, spouses, children and/or grandchildren. There are guarantee issue amounts (no health questions) available for employees and just one health question for spouses and children.

Three Options to Choose From According to Your Personal Needs:

Whole Life (Amount of coverage based on age)

  • Builds cash value
  • Rates are guaranteed for life and the policies and remain in effect as long as premiums are paid

20 Year Term Life Policy

  • Coverage is available up to $100,000 (Rates are guaranteed and will not change for 20 years)

20 Year Return of Premium (ROP) Term Life Policy

  • Coverage is available up to $100,000 (Rates are guaranteed and will not change for 20 years)
  • At the end of 20 years, you may elect a refund of ALL the premiums you have paid for the policy

With Cincinnati Life, you own the policy.  It is fully portable even if you leave or retire from Baptist Easley Hospital. The rates and face amount will not change.

LegalShield/Identity Theft

Legal Shield Plan DESCRIPTION Biweekly Deduction
Home Mortgage Document Preparation, Refinance Assistance, Foreclosure Assistance


Financial Collections, Warranties, Guarantees, Contracts Review and Assistance
Family Uncontested Adoption, Divorce, Separation Representation Assistance
Estate Issues Wills, Living Wills, Power of Attorney Preparation and Assistance
Auto Moving Violations, Accident Assistance
Additional Benefits Include: 

  • Advice on unlimited topics (personal or business)
  • Letters and phone calls on your behalf
  • One-hour in-office meeting
  • Online access to over 150 legal forms and 350 legal videos
  • 25 percent off any additional legal services standard hourly rates
Identity Theft DESCRIPTION Bi-Weekly Deduction
Credit Report Secure web access to your up-to-date credit report based on data from Experian


Credit Score/Analysis Detailed analysis of your Personal Credit Score with your first credit report
Monitoring/Activity Alerts Activate continuous credit monitoring of your Experian credit file via our secure website.  Email alerts notify you of activity on your credit file (Three bureau monitoring is available)
Identity Restoration Services Kroll Advisory Solutions, the experts in identify theft restoration, will step in and take over the restoration process for you, should you face an identity theft issue
Safeguard for Minors Available for up to eight dependents under the age of 18.  Includes monitoring and alerts for credit files in your child’s name, expert credit consultation, and valuable information on credit information



Disability Insurance

Administered by Cigna Insurance Company, Inc.

 The following is an overview only. You should refer to your Summary Plan Description for the specific provisions applicable to these benefits.

Baptist Easley provides you with short-term and long-term disability insurance if you are in an eligible classification. Disability benefits will be reduced by other sources of income, and some disabilities might not be covered by these plans.

Short-Term Disability Benefits

Short-term disability (STD) insurance pays a percentage of your weekly base pay for your approved illness or injury after satisfying the plan’s elimination period of 15 consecutive days. Once approved, you can receive STD benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks with a maximum benefit of $4,000 per week.   Note: Contract physicians, Directors and above are eligible for salary continuance with their direct manager’s approval.

Long-Term Disability Benefits

If you remain disabled for a period of 26 weeks, you may be eligible for long-term disability (LTD) benefits. The coverage amount for approved LTD is 60 percent of your base monthly earnings up to a maximum of $10,000 per month. See chart for maximum duration of LTD benefits.

Insured’s age when disability begins Maximum benefit period
Under age 63 To normal retirement age or 42 months, if greater
Age 63 To normal retirement age or 36 months, if greater
Age 64 30 months
Age 65 24 months
Age 66 21 months
Age 67 18 months
Age 68 15 months
Age 69 and over 12 months


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